(2017, 22 min, fiction)

The story follows a man who lives on an isolated farm with his wife. In the rugged mountainous area, they live a usually tedious rural life. Autumn is long and in such an environment he prepares for an atrocious crime.


Sarajevo Film Festival – Special Jury Award
Seacinema Film Festival, Ulcinj, Montenegro – Special Jury Award
Pančevo Film Festival, Pančevo, Serbia – Award for Best Actor
Free Zone, Belgrade, Serbia
Tanfier Film Festival, Morocco
Cottbus Film Festival, Germany
Festival du nouveau Cinéma, Montréal, Canada


Director and Writer: Dušan Kasalica
Cast: Boban Čvorović, Zorica Terzić
Cinematographer: Igor Đorđević
Editor: Nataša Pantić
Sound: Jakov Munižaba
Production: Meander Film
Producer: Dušan Kasalica